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When investing, many people often think about stocks or cryptocurrency. But there is much more to investing than stocks and cryptocurrencies. For instance, there is crowdlending, which doesn't fluctuate with the market, and there is Nexo, which not only allows you to buy cryptocurrencies but also pays you daily interest. In this section of my website, I will share various guides on how to begin investing.

I personally use eToro for buying shares. I like the platform because it is user-friendly and allows you to purchase fractional shares. You can find my guide to eToro here:


Crowdlending is a distinct form of investment. When you invest in loans, you are shielded from market volatility and receive a fixed rate on your investment. I prefer using Mintos because it is user-friendly. You can find my guide to Mintos here:


In my opinion, Nexo is the best cryptocurrency platform available. It is easy to buy the most popular cryptocurrencies and receive daily interest on your portfolio without any effort, and this interest will compound over time. I don't know much about cryptocurrencies, but I have a small amount invested in Nexo that I plan to leave untouched so it can continue compounding. You can learn more about Nexo here:


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