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Clickworker is a company that specializes in crowdsourcing. In order to provide crowdsourcing, they need a crowd, which is known as click workers.


As a clickworker, you can participate in various projects, some of which may only take a minute, while others may require a longer time commitment, possibly up to an hour. Before signing up at Clickworker, there are a few things you should know:

It is completely free to sign up. No strings attached. 

There are tasks for everyone. No matter who you are.

Projects come and go quickly. It is a good idea to log in frequently.

Some tasks take as little as a minute. So, whenever you have a few minutes to spare, log in and complete a small task.

Even though you are paid just a little for each task, don't let it discourage you. It will accumulate.


Try logging in for just five minutes each day for one month. Do a small task, no matter how little it pays. And see how it accumulates in one month.


If you follow the instructions mentioned above, it will seem like you haven't done any work at all, as it only takes a few minutes each time. You might think it isn't worth it, but doing it this way could earn you $50 a month without requiring a significant time commitment. Just whenever you have a few minutes to spare. If you invest those $50 into something like the S&P 500, which has averaged a yearly return of 10,49 % since its inception in 1926, these $50 dollars a month will turn into $10.534 in 10 years ($4.534 being interest earned), $40.472 in 20 years ($28.472 being interest earned), and $125.549 in 30 years ($107.549 being interest earned).

Don't hesitate. Sign up and give it a try for a month. You don't lose anything, but you could end up gaining a lot of money in the future. at Clickworker by clicking here.

If you really want to boost your long-term wealth. You can combine Clickworker with Appen that you can read about here


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