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A Few Words About Me

Let me introduce myself. My name is Glenn Jørgensen and I'm from Denmark. I started investing as I, like many others, was tired of watching my money in my bank account being devalued by inflation. As I have a MA from Copenhagen Business School, I found it natural to use my educational background and start letting my hard-earned money work for me, instead of them losing value in the bank.

I know that most people will find it difficult to get started investing, and I know that some would find it frightening, as you have no idea where to begin. Even with my educational background from a business school, I was also confused about where to start. 

I did get started and gained some valuable experience and now I’m a popular investor at eToro, where my username is Glennjdk. Due to this, many of my friends and acquaintances have asked me for guidance once they decided to start investing. I have shared my ideas with them and now I have decided to share them on this website, in case more people should be interested.


Keep in mind that investing always comes with a risk and do not invest more money than you can afford to lose. I must stress that this blog is by no means any investment advice, and you should always do your own research before you start investing. My website is solely meant as possible suggestions.

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