Why should you start investing?

Did you know that your hard-earned money in your bank account is losing approximately 3% of its value each year? If you don't want your money to slowly lose value, you better read this.


Yes, your money does actually lose approximately 3 % of its value every year due to inflation, if it is just parked in the bank. Luckily there is a cure for that and the cure is called investing. I know, I know, investing can indeed sound complicated and for some even scary, however it is not as complicated or scary as you believe. On this site I will share some advice on how you get started investing, even if you have no background in finance or are bad with numbers.


There are several ways you can start investing. I will divide those into "active investing" and "passive investing". If you have no prior experience with investing or you do not want to use time on your investments, you definitely fall into the "passive investing" box, while you should look into "active investing" if you want to take responsibility for your own trading.


Passive investing means that once you have set up your investments, you sit back, relax and let either someone else or a program do the investing for you. The hardest thing about passive investing is to wait. I have dedicated a part of my website to some suggestions on how you can start your passive investment journey. I have also made some guides that you can follow step by step if you want. You can find the suggestions and guides by clicking on "PASSIVE INVESTING" in the top menu.


Active investing means that you take responsibility of your own investments. It is up to you at which price you want to buy an asset and at which price you want to sell it. You decide yourself which asset you want to buy and how long you want to hold it. If you do want to actively invest yourself, you can follow my blog here at my website, as I will share my analysis of some stocks I might consider to buy myself. So make sure to bookmark this site. I have also made section on my website about how you get started to actively invest, if you like to have responsibility of your own funds. Just go to "ACTIVE INVESTING" in the top menu, and read more about it.