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Your investment starts now 

Most people believe that investing is complicated and/or are afraid of losing money. However, it is a misconception, although all investing carries risks. Start today; it takes less money than you think. I use eToro,* a highly user-friendly platform.The minimum deposit starts from $100. Find my guide here.

If you feel scared about investing yourself. You can also choose to copy trading, where you copy an investor at eToro. You just need to have signed up at eToro and have $200. 









If you want to diversify your investments, so you are not only invested in stocks. You can read my guide to crowdlending here. It is easy to set up, and you are not affected by market volatility.

If you want to try your hand at cryptocurrency, you might as well earn daily interest to compound on the cryptocurrencies you already have. Read my guide to Nexo here.

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